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Updated on 6/6/2024

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About USClaims

USClaims offers pre-settlement funding on most personal injury cases. They can provide large advances within 24 hours of approval. USClaims charges some of the lowest rates in the legal funding industry with simple, non-compounding rates in nearly every US state.

They have been repeatedly named the best lawsuit settlement loan provider in the nation by The National Law Journal and other legal publications. They maintain an active role in the American Legal Finance Association where they are currently advocating for interest rate caps for legal funding in certain states.

In addition to general personal injury claims, USClaims also funds many mass tort claims. They can fund mass tort claims such as:

  • Abuse claims
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, including vaccine claims
  • Defective medical devices

USClaims is a licensed lender in Illinois and licensed consumer litigation funder in Oklahoma.

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    Company Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

    • Advance Range: $500 – $1,000,000
    • Approval Time: As soon as 24 hours
    • Broker or Funder: Funds directly
    • Case Type Focus: Personal injury, car accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, premises liability, civil rights, FELA, Jones Act, wrongful death, employment, assault and battery, nursing home negligence, product liability, defective medical devices, defective pharmaceutical drugs, dangerous vaccines, law firm financing
    • Workers’ Comp Funding? No
    • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

    USClaims Online Reviews

    • Google Rating: 4.80 / 5.0 from 169 reviews
    • Yelp Rating: NA / 5.0 from 0 reviews
    • BBB Average Customer Review: NA / 5.0 from 0 reviews
    • BBB Rating: Not accredited, no BBB profile
    • BBB Complaints: 0 BBB complaints in the last three years

    “Most Relevant” Google Reviews

    5 star review of USClaims by Lula Riley-Franklin
    on 5/30/2024
    I would recommend this company to anyone seeking an advancement on their settlement. The staff is friendly and helpful and the business was handled in a professional manner. Fees a little pricey but that is to be expected with an loan or advancement company. I recommend this company highly…
    5 star review of USClaims by Nicole Culpepper
    on 5/29/2024
    US Claims, namely Chris Pilato went ABOVE & BEYOND even when my personal injury attorney tried to refuse my pulling $ from my own litigation settlement. If it wasn’t for US Claims & Chris, my children and I would be facing eviction… while my Injury attorney @ Schiller & Schiller could not have cared less! US Claims is straight forward, honest, helpful and above all they CARE! AND they will fight for you- the interest on the loan is a small price to pay and it’s a non-recourse loan meaning that if you don’t win or get a settlement, they do not get paid anything. I want to Thank US Claims and Chris for caring about me and my family enough to fight to get me the money I needed while my so called attorney levied every insult and cruel word he could referring to them as predatory- if having a modicum of real humanity is what predatory looks like I’m so grateful that I had a predator in my corner and thanks to him a roof over my families head still! Thank you US Claims and Chris for fighting for me, when my attorney literally ignored my calls, put me on hold and verbally accosted us both for no good reason! Your the reason my 2 small children will continue to sleep safe and sound in their beds. Thank you!!! Nicole
    5 star review of USClaims by Brandi Harden
    on 5/1/2024
    Scott was amazing throughout the whole entire process. He made sure to keep me up to date on what was going on and communicated what was needed to make this request successful. He also set proper expectations. Overall was an amazon experience and I’m thankful he followed up with me about my request.
    5 star review of USClaims by Morgan UpChurch
    on 3/5/2024
    I am extremely grateful to have been able to work with Scott! He was very helpful, supportive, patient, friendly, understanding and when I would leave a message for Scott, he would always respond back quickly. I was on the verge of my son getting kicked out of private school and I was also behind on rent. I’ve never had anyone work so hard and fast to help me and I am forever thankful to have been so fortunate to have worked with Scott. I will be letting my lawyer know how well I was treated and what a wonderful experience I had with US Claims Morgan D. UpChurch
    5 star review of USClaims by HEY Mr. PARKER
    on 2/8/2024
    It’s amazing how fast your life can change and find yourself needing financial help. What’s even more amazing is everyone at US Claims especially Melanie. The process fast and easy on my part. Thank you so much for the time and effort that was put into making sure I was taken care of. US Claims even worked with my lawyers at VB Attorneys to negotiate rates to make sure I would save as much money as possible!!! Great company to be working with in your hardest of times!!

    USClaims Funding States

    Click below to see state laws and which other companies provide funding in your state. Don’t see your state? Click here to see which companies provide lawsuit funding in your state.

    Contact and Other Details

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    • Phone Number: (888) 633-2307
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Ownership / Leadership: Steve Bashmakov, CEO
    • Related Companies: US Claims Opco, LLC, USClaims, US Claims Capital, LLC, Client Legal Funding, 5 Star Legal Funding
    • Address: 1625 S Congress Ave Suite 200b, Delray Beach, FL 33445



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    How long does it take to get approved by USClaims?

    USClaims can provide legal funding in as little as 24 hours.

    How much does USClaims charge?

    USClaims typically charges 17.5% simple interest, semi-annually or less (no compounding). This is substantially lower than the industry average of around 3%, compounded monthly.

    How is USClaims rated?

    The Google rating for USClaims is a 4.8 based on 169 reviews.



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