North Dakota (ND) Lawsuit Loans

Updated on 6/5/2024

This article helps plaintiffs and attorneys alike learn more about lawsuit loans and alternatives in North Dakota. Below you will find the following information:

Lawsuit loan companies serving North Dakota

Below you will find a list of companies that provide funding in North Dakota. We highlight lawsuit loan companies we recommend, as well as local and regional funding companies where applicable.

Recommended lawsuit loan companies funding North Dakota residents

We recommend the following companies for plaintiffs residing in North Dakota.

Our pick for low rate lawsuit loans

USClaims offers some of the lowest, non-compounding rates in the industry. Many companies claim to offer “the lowest rates in the industry” – we recommend comparing them against an offer from USClaims to see for yourself.

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Our pick for fast lawsuit settlement loans

Thrivest Link Legal Funding offers reasonable funding terms often with simple, non-compounding rates. Their expert underwriting allows them to fund larger sums than many of their competitors. They frequently approve claims for funding within 24 hours.

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Highly rated on Google

High Rise Financial is a California-based lawsuit loan company. They have the most five-star reviews of any funding company in the industry. In addition to pre-settlement funding, High Rise provides medical care scheduling and financing services.

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See our full list of recommended companies here.

Lawsuit funding laws, regulation, and relevant ethics opinions in North Dakota

There are no laws regulating pre-settlement financing in North Dakota and advances are not regulated as loans. North Dakota does uphold the champerty doctrine, but lawsuit funding contracts would likely be upheld so long as the lawsuit lending company does not interfere with the case. Most funding companies service the state.

Legal funding case law in North Dakota

In Interstate Collection Agency v. Kuntz, a trial court sided with Kuntz partially because of issues with champerty in the assignment of the claim against Kuntz to the collection agency. On appeal, this stance was reversed. The appellate court cited Rohan v. Johnson stating that case law did not support voiding a contract on the basis of champerty alone.
Source: Interstate Collection Agency v. Kuntz

Can a lawyer lend money to a client in North Dakota?

Depending on the situation, a lawyer may give a client a loan in order to reasonably withstand litigation. This is to avoid clients settling due to financial hardships. This is all detailed in North Dakota’s rules of professional conduct.
Source: North Dakota Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.8(e)

Lawsuit loan alternatives in North Dakota

Lawsuit loans are expensive. Plaintiffs in North Dakota should exhaust all other options before seeking legal funding. Check out the local resources below for some ideas: