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Updated on 6/9/2021

This article helps plaintiffs and attorneys alike learn more about lawsuit loans in Missouri. Below you will find the following information:

Lawsuit funding laws, regulation and relevant ethics opinions in Missouri

Missouri does not have any laws directly regulating lawsuit loan companies serving residents of the state. Missouri case law has upheld the common law prohibition of maintenance and champerty. Despite this, some funding companies still provide funding to MO residents.

Legal funding case law in Missouri

Missouri common law prohibits both champerty and maintenance. The most recent decision citing champerty is Macke Laundry Serv. L.P. v. Jetz Serv. Co. While the court agreed that lawsuits relating to champerty and maintenance are rare, champerty and maintenance doctrines remain in-force in Missouri.
Source: Macke Laundry Serv. L.P. v. Jetz Serv. Co.

Can a lawyer lend money to a client in Missouri?

A lawyer may advance only court costs and litigation expenses. Lawyers may not advance living expenses.
Source: Missouri Bar Administration Formal Opinion #119

Can attorneys help clients receive lawsuit loans in Missouri?

The committee came to the conclusion that legal funding may be champerous and therefore illegal.
Source: Missouri Litigation Loans Resources

Lawsuit loan companies serving Missouri

Recommended lawsuit loan companies funding Missouri residents

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Lawsuit loan companies located in Missouri

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Other pre-settlement lawsuit loan companies serving Missouri residents