Kansas (KS) Lawsuit Loans

Updated on 12/28/2022

This article helps plaintiffs and attorneys alike learn more about lawsuit loans and alternatives in Kansas. Below you will find the following information:

Lawsuit loan companies serving Kansas

Below you will find a list of companies that provide funding in Kansas. We highlight lawsuit loan companies we recommend, as well as local and regional funding companies where applicable.

Recommended lawsuit loan companies funding Kansas residents

Compare Lawsuit Loans’ recommended funding companies do not operate in Kansas at this time.

Lawsuit loan companies located in Kansas

Compare Lawsuit Loans does not currently cover any local lawsuit lending companies in Kansas. Local funding companies interested in being included on this page may contact us at [email protected].

Regional pre-settlement funding companies that serve Kansas residents

Compare Lawsuit Loans does not currently cover any regional companies serving Kansas at this time. Regional funding companies interested in being included on this page may contact us at [email protected].

Other pre-settlement lawsuit loan companies serving Kansas residents

  • 5 Star Legal Funding – 5 Star Legal Funding is based in New York and was founded in 2006. They advertise simple, non-compounding rates and capped repayment terms.
  • Ally Lawsuit Loans – Ally Lawsuit Loans is affiliated with or closely related to Nova Legal Funding. They claim to be located in Houston, Texas.
  • Bridgeway Legal Funding – Bridgeway Legal Funding offers reasonable rates and fast processing of workers’ compensation lawsuit loans. Workers’ compensation funding is typically only available in states in which an attorney controls the settlement proceeds.
  • Cherokee Funding – Georgia-based Cherokee Funding provides pre-settlement and post-settlement plaintiff and attorney funding. They claim to fund almost all types of legal cases, so long as there is solid liability, damages, and a defendant with the ability to pay.
  • Client Legal Funding – Florida-based Client Legal Funding was founded in 2011. They offer pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, medical funding, and attorney funding services.
  • Nova Legal Funding – Nova Legal Funding is a direct funder and broker of lawsuit loans based in Los Angeles. They claim to have provided more than $70 million of pre-settlement funding to plaintiffs.
  • Prime Case Funding – Prime Case Funding is a legal funding provider located in New York. They have exceptional online reviews and quote a rate of 2.75% compounded monthly on their website.
  • The Legal Funding Group – Based in Savannah, Georgia, The Legal Funding Group provides lawsuit cash advances nationwide. On their website, they quote a rate of 36% every six months.

Lawsuit funding laws, regulation, and relevant ethics opinions in Kansas

Kansas regulates pre-settlement funding as a loan subject to maximum interest rates. Compare Lawsuit Loans is not aware of any companies that fund in Kansas for less than $25,000. Only strong cases with significant damages are likely to qualify for that sum.

Legal funding case law in Kansas

In Boettcher v. Criscione the court decided that a third party with no interest in a claim paying for litigation expenses constitutes champerty.
Source: Boettcher v. Criscione

Can a lawyer lend money to a client in Kansas?

Kansas attorneys can advance the costs of litigation, or pay for them if the client is impoverished. An attorney cannot, however, assist with living or medical expenses.
Source: Kansas Judicial Branch – Attorney Discipline – 1.8(e)

Can attorneys help clients receive lawsuit loans in Kansas?

Attorneys may not guarantee loans to clients. Standard funding agreements do not require an attorney’s guarantee.
Source: Kansas Judicial Branch – Attorney Discipline – 1.8(e)

Lawsuit loan alternatives in Kansas

Lawsuit loans are expensive. Plaintiffs in Kansas should exhaust all other options before seeking legal funding. Check out the local resources below for some ideas:

  • Emergency Rent Payment Assistance – offers rental assistance to those behind in their payments or in danger of being evicted. You may qualify for help with rent, utilities, and even internet service. Those that are found eligible can get up to 12 months of assistance.
  • Kansas Food Banks – find food pantry locations in your area and get information on programs offered for children and the elderly. Some locations may even qualify for food delivery.
  • Financial Counseling Programs in Kansas – resources for household budgeting and financial planning. Workshops and counseling are available to teach the knowledge and skills you need to manage your finances effectively and resolve any problems that you are experiencing.