Iowa (IA) Lawsuit Loans

Updated on 8/7/2021

This article helps plaintiffs and attorneys alike learn more about lawsuit loans and alternatives in Iowa. Below you will find the following information:

Lawsuit loan alternatives in Iowa

Lawsuit loans are expensive. Plaintiffs in Iowa should exhaust all other options before seeking legal funding. Check out the local resources below for some ideas:

  • Rent and Utility Assistance Program – can provide up to 12 months of rent or utility assistance. You will need to verify your income and risk of homelessness. Eligible participants must qualify for unemployment compensation benefits or demonstrate financial hardship.
  • Food Banks in Iowa – get location and program information on food banks that service Iowa. Proof of residency may be required to participate.
  • Get Help Paying For Food in Iowa – the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can give you and your family access to nutritious foods to stay healthy. Your household size and income determine eligibility and benefit amount.

Lawsuit funding laws, regulation and relevant ethics opinions in Iowa

Iowa does not have any state law regarding legal lending. Iowa common law indicates that champerty and maintenance doctrines do not apply but that courts will not enforce agreements contrary to the public good.

Legal funding case law in Iowa

Iowa law does not prohibit non-attorneys from engaging in maintenance and champerty, but case law states that Iowa courts will not uphold contracts that are contrary to justice and the peace and happiness of the community.
Source: Boardman v. Thompson

Can a lawyer lend money to a client in Iowa?

While an attorney cannot cover living expenses for a client, they can advance the costs of litigation or cover the costs completely. This is regulated by the Iowa Bar Association.
Source: Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct 1.8(e)

Can attorneys help clients receive lawsuit loans in Iowa?

Attorneys may not guarantee loans to clients. Standard funding agreements to not require this.
Source: Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct 1.8(e)

Lawsuit loan companies serving Iowa

Recommended lawsuit loan companies funding Iowa residents

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Lawsuit loan companies located in Iowa

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Other pre-settlement lawsuit loan companies serving Iowa residents