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Updated on 6/14/2021

Founded in 2015, Rockpoint Legal Funding indicates that they are California’s leading lawsuit loan company. Rockpoint states that its proprietary platform allows them to provide the fastest application-to-funding workflow in the industry. Rockpoint buys portions of plaintiffs’ claims and medical liens. Rockpoint Legal Funding receives a large percentage of its business from attorney referrals in California.

In addition to conventional pre-settlement loans for living expenses, Rockpoint provides attorney funding, appeal funding and medical lien funding.

Rockpoint Legal Funding Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

  • Advance Range: We are unable to locate an advance range for Rockpoint Legal Funding.
  • Approval Time: Cash as soon as same-day once approved
  • Broker or Funder: Funds directly
  • Case Type Focus: Car accidents, premises liability
  • Workers’ Comp Funding? Yes
  • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

Rockpoint Legal Funding Reviews

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5 star review of Rockpoint Legal Funding by Meli Jr
on 6/9/2021
This company has helped me through the tuff times i am having in my life right now. With there help I have been able to pay my rent and bills and gas in my car to make it yo my doctor appointments and feed my family when I could not on my own because of my car accident I cannot work and have had two surgeries. They never gave me trouble or a bad attitude and they move fast when I really needed it. They are professional and caring. I recommend this company 100%.
5 star review of Rockpoint Legal Funding by Lizette Gholizadeh
on 6/6/2021
Rockpoint legal funding is awesome.. they helped me right away get some money from my case a head of time… They are nice, and they work fast would definitely recommend this company to anyone..
5 star review of Rockpoint Legal Funding by Olinda Villarreal
on 5/3/2021
The firm and staff are very professional and quick to get back. Also, they are very astute and efficient. Thank you, Rockpoint Legal Funding!!

As usual, Rockpoint is quick and very professional! Thanks again!!

5 star review of Rockpoint Legal Funding by ann turkel
on 4/22/2021
I have never spoken to anyone so attentive, who listened and was right on top of everything. Usually people listen for a minute or 2 and try to get you off the phone. Antonio listened to everything in detail on what I was going through legally against a building on Wilshire in Los Angeles where I had an accident so severe that it has a life altering effect on my life. Things that will never change until the day I die.
This is probably the most dangerous building it has ever been my misfortune to have to experience. They should be shut down and pay people to move. I could list a litany of life altering problems with this building but it would take up too much space. Thank you Antonio for your help, guidance, and true understanding. I got off the phone with you feeling a 100% better. Thank you.
5 star review of Rockpoint Legal Funding by Robert Strasen
on 5/24/2021
I had a representative named Natalie who was very helpful efficient and forthcoming about my options , she does everything within her range of ability with a great attitude, listens to the customers needs and genuinely cares I recommend them highly

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To our knowledge Rockpoint Legal Funding does not publish the states that it services.

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