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Updated on 9/20/2021

Peachtree Financial Solutions was founded in 1996. Peachtree was acquired by JG Wentworth in 2011 and is now a subsidiary of JG Wentworth.

While Peachtree Financial used to provide direct settlement loan services, Peachtree Financial advertises itself as a lead referral service or a lawsuit loan broker. That just means that the company may not provide pre-settlement funding directly. Instead, they connect plaintiffs with other legal funding companies and Peachtree Financial receives a fee for that service. Peachtree Financial explains that they only work with pre-settlement funding companies that can get you cash in as little as 48 hours after they receive paperwork from your attorney. Peachtree claims to have helped tens of thousands of plaintiffs with their lawsuit funding requests. Peachtree Financial is a licensed consumer litigation funder in Oklahoma.

In addition to lawsuit settlement loans, Peachtree offers structured settlements, annuities, and lottery payouts.

Peachtree Financial Solutions Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

  • Advance Range: $300 – $750,000
  • Approval Time: As soon as 48 hours after receiving paperwork from your attorney
  • Broker or Funder: Broker. Peachtree Financial states on their website that they do not provide direct funding and are a referral service.
  • Case Type Focus: Personal injury, premises liability, product liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death
  • Workers’ Comp Funding? Not listed
  • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

Peachtree Financial Solutions Reviews

“Most Relevant” Google Reviews

4 star review of Peachtree Financial Solutions by Marty Bright
on 7/31/2021
I have dealt with this firm for a number of years and have always been treated with respect. I had to take some time to weigh my decision to move forward or not, and they were very patient and understanding. I have dealt with different personnel in Peachtree and was always treated well. Recently, Lou was extremely helpful and stayed on top of everything. Highly recommend this firm.
5 star review of Peachtree Financial Solutions by Timothy
on 6/2/2021
I sold quite a few annuity payments to Peachtree. After contacting all of the big names in that industry, they got me the best deal.
I dealt with Chris Y. While I was trying to make this sale, I was dealing with a lot of tough things in my life at the time and every time I talked to Chris he was very professional, yet he would check on me and make sure I was doing okay. Which was more than any of the other companies did, who were only interested in the money. It meant a lot to me, and he made the process very easy, and answered every question I had. If you are looking to do something similar to what I did, I highly recommend contacting Peachtree and asking to speak with Chris.
5 star review of Peachtree Financial Solutions by Too Him
on 5/29/2021
I have loved to work with Peachtree Lou Boneteo selling part of my structured settlement I was able to get into school and a car loan I really appreciated the upfront money offered to me to help me until the settlement was available that upfront money was really needed at the time the schooling helped me with much in future. I am trying to sell the rest of it because it’s for the rest of my life and I could really use a financial solutions help again in my life right now in these hard times…
5 star review of Peachtree Financial Solutions by Connie Cooley
on 6/15/2021
Peachtree has been there for me in the past everything was done in a timely manner and everyone was very nice I m using them again I strongly recommend peachtree to anyone
4 star review of Peachtree Financial Solutions by Suzy Kale
on 11/9/2020
I consulted Peachtree because I needed to Cash in a structured settlement to pay off debt ( I had recently lost my only child which exasperated my health conditions and put me out of work). My experience started off rocky because the first representative was not detailed oriented or compassionate to my situation (which made me feel like nothing more than a cash grab). Integrity and transparency is important to me in all areas of life and this representative lacked it big time!
However, that representative was let go and Jamie took over. She was definitely Peachtree’s saving grace. We were able to negotiate a fair price! She was compassionate, thorough, and professional! She made sure I understood every next step and consequence as well as gave me a very realistic timeline of completion. She always followed up with me in a timely manner and she addressed all of my concerns immediately. If you get the chance to work with this company, you won’t be disappointed. All other employees I encountered were a joy to work with and Jamie is the standard of the company for sure!!! I only gave it 4 stars due to my initial experience with the prior rep. Otherwise, it would have been a 5 star review.

Funding States

Click below to see state laws and which other companies provide funding in your state. Don’t see your state? Click here to see which companies provide lawsuit funding in your state.

To our knowledge Peachtree Financial Solutions does not publish the states that it services.

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Applying With Peachtree Financial Solutions

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How long does it take to get funding from Peachtree?

Peachtree states on their website that you can receive funds as soon as 48 hours after they receive documentation from your attorney

How much does Peachtree charge?

Peachtree does not list information about what they charge for their services on their website. Peachtree Financial indicates on their website that they operate as a referral service and are not a direct lawsuit funding company.

How is Peachtree rated?

Peachtree Financial Solutions has a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating on Google.