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Updated on 10/11/2023

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About LawCash

Founded in 2000, LawCash is one of the longest-running pre-settlement lawsuit loan companies. LawCash advances money to people with personal injury claims. Like most other settlement loan companies, there are no fees or payments until your case is successful. LawCash states on their website that the only qualifying factor for pre-settlement funding is that you’ve hired an attorney to represent you for a legal claim.

LawCash claims that their rolling contracts set them apart from other companies. Like most other lawsuit funding companies, they offer plaintiffs the ability to take advances over time or on a monthly basis.

In addition to pre-settlement funding for day-to-day expenses, LawCash offers settled case funding, surgical funding, and attorney funding. LawCash is a licensed lender in Missouri.

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    LawCash Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

    • Advance Range: $500 and up
    • Approval Time: As soon as same-day
    • Broker or Funder: Funds directly
    • Case Type Focus: Car accidents, personal injury, premises liability, Jones Act, FELA, wrongful death, civil rights, police brutality, labor law, sexual abuse, NFL concussion, employment, workers’ compensation, product liability
    • Workers’ Comp Funding? Yes
    • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

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    “Most Relevant” Google Reviews

    1 star review of LawCash by Joane Michel
    on 2/1/2023
    LAW CASH IS A FRAUD, LOAN SHARK AND A BUNCH OF THIEVES. Please find other ways to get money. IT’S NOT WORTH IT. A simple $3k loan could be paying back over 15k. That is more than 500% in interest. Please think this through. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON THEM. They now change their names to continue with this scam. FYI: Interest rate and fees are not disclosed prior to loan initiation.
    1 star review of LawCash by Bridgett Spencercg6r2db.
    on 6/3/2022
    I have to be honest. Im disappointed at my firm for recommending me to them. They said this is the company they deal with. I got approved on the 27th of May and Im still waiting on the funds. I am not here to down this company but I feel they can do better. Clients apply for funding for a reason. The web say 24hrs. If i had a funding company and my clients that gets approved, Ill maje sure they get their funds in a timely manner..I would do this because you never know their situations.This is how you keep clients.I read these reviews and I can honestly say they are true from my experience calling everyday since the 27th of May. I hope they do better because it is sad.
    5 star review of LawCash by Joe Russo
    on 8/2/2021
    I can’t praise this Company enough…I would recommend anyone to use them for funding… I have been out of work following surgery and under extreme stress and pressure to pay bills and meet deadlines…Each time I needed help 1 simple call to these guys and I was approved usually by the same day and I had money in my pocket by the end of the day…AMAZING!! The application is sent by text or email, they make it so simple that its hard to believe… Anyone who has something bad to say, has to be a competitor trying to bad mouth these guys…
    1 star review of LawCash by kristopher samaroo
    on 2/27/2022
    I feel as if this is one of the worst funding companies out there . I been with this company for basically 7 8 months Andy fisher was the person helping me seek funds throughout my time with this funder .I’ve had other legal matters in the past and took out funding from other funders pertaining a different cases and this is by far the worst experience I’ve had . I pulled a lien out with this company back June ,i was told I have to receive a offer to receive additional funding which I received . Once I’ve presented the company with my 6 figure offer I was still denied .For months I was mis lead and basically had my time being wasted dealing with lawcash . I had a small loan with this company that continued to grow at high rates . Make sure u really read through u contracts before signing with this company . This company is a a rip off and basically is one of the worst funding companies around .
    5 star review of LawCash by P. Emonie Williams
    on 12/20/2018
    i loved working with them. They’re extremely safe and straight forward. If their aware that your settlement isnt going to be that much they encourage you to take a smaller loan or they let you know whether or not they feel you should take a loan period, however at the end of it all it’s still up to you. Their interest isnt high and i received a response within a day or 2; 2 day process the most. The 2nd time i called them is when i realized how much they are there for the plaintiff. Everyone is different though, my experience was amazing hopefully yours will be too. -Paulette

    Funding States

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    To our knowledge LawCash does not publish the states that it services.

    More About LawCash

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    • Phone Number: (800) 529-2274
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Ownership / Leadership: Harvey R. Hirschfeld, President and Director
    • Related Companies: Cartiga; Momentum Funding; Legal Business Services LLC; Ardec Funding
    • Address: 26 Court Street, Ste 1104, Brooklyn, NY 11242



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    How long does it take to get an advance from LawCash?

    LawCash offers lawsuit loans as soon as the same day a plaintiff applies.

    How much does LawCash charge?

    We were unable to locate information about LawCash’s fee model on their website. Many pre-settlement funding companies charge two to four percent monthly compounding. Actual pricing from LawCash may differ from the norm or from case to case.

    How is LawCash rated?

    The Google rating for LawCash is a 3.0 based on 31 reviews.

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