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Updated on 6/8/2023

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About Glofin Funding

Glofin Funding was founded in 2002 as Global Financial after seeing plaintiffs struggle with day-to-day bills during their lawsuit. Glofin Funding indicates that they provide an alternative to “typical lawsuit loans”. Like most other pre-settlement loan companies, Glofin Funding provides risk-free funding (if you don’t win your case, you payback nothing). They do not require income verification or credit checks. According to Glofin, qualifying for an advance with them is easy – you just have to have a personal injury claim and a lawyer.

Glofin Funding indicates that they are a direct lawsuit settlement loan provider, but that they may sell case investments to outside investors to raise additional capital.

In addition to pre-settlement funding, Glofin Funding offers medical lien management services through Omni Healthcare.

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    Glofin Funding Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

    • Advance Range: $500 – $500,000
    • Approval Time: As soon as 24 hours
    • Broker or Funder: Funds directly. According to their website, Glofin is a direct capital source, but they may sell their investments to outside investors.
    • Case Type Focus: Car accidents, personal injury, premises liability, assault and battery, wrongful death, Jones Act, dog bites, FELA, medical malpractice, settlement funding, workers’ compensation
    • Workers’ Comp Funding? Yes
    • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

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    February 3, 2023


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    “Most Relevant” Google Reviews

    1 star review of Glofin Funding by jayana ridgeway
    on 5/8/2023
    They charged me an arm and a leg , when it was a pandemic. The world shut down and they still charged me . Horrible company . Try another loan company
    1 star review of Glofin Funding by Molly Maciulla
    on 2/11/2022
    They were helpful at first. Then my claim went from a lower sum to a much larger sum due to my injuries and they wouldn’t help me access more funds to keep going to treatment after we’ve spent thousands of dollars out of our own pockets already. (I wasn’t even asking for a large amount and have SEVERE injuries that will affect me my entire life unfortunately.) I only received at first a few hundred dollars from them the first time. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! THEY WILL LEAVE YOU HANGING OUT TO DRY WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST. GO ANYWHERE ELSE. I also learned this time around that their rates are higher than other companies. I recommend shopping around and going, I repeat, literally ANYWHERE ELSE.
    5 star review of Glofin Funding by janet leigh
    on 11/22/2022
    Of all the bad reviews I did not have one issue with them, They were GREAT to me,
    5 star review of Glofin Funding by Cindy Testa
    on 10/21/2019
    This has been a great experience. Nick A. Has gone above and beyond. This company amazing compared to others. Life is hard enough so the care and help given by Nick was so appreciated. He took his time explaining the fees and overall the experience was A+ I would definitely recommend working with this company they get the job done fast and efficient. Thank you for the loan and the great experience!!!
    5 star review of Glofin Funding by Nicole Shivers
    on 1/25/2022
    Very helpful company I would let anyone know about them for help because when life hits hard who can you call ? This company is great ! I give them a 100% cross the broad

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    More About Glofin Funding

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    • Phone Number: (888) 667-1991
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Ownership / Leadership: Wensley McKenney. Founder, CEO
    • Related Companies: Global Financial
    • Address: 18405 Northcross Dr #300, Huntersville, NC 28078



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    How long does it take to get funding from Glofin Funding?

    Glofin Funding indicates on their website that they can provide funds in as little as 24 hours after a plaintiff applies with them.

    How much does Glofin Funding charge?

    Glofin Funding states on their website that they explain fees to plaintiffs before they even apply. They do not, however, disclose their fees on their website. While Glofin Funding may differ, many lawsuit lending companies charge between two percent and four percent compounded monthly.

    How is Glofin Funding rated?

    The Google rating for Glofin Funding is a 3.9 based on 59 reviews.

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