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Updated on 12/17/2021

Florida-based Client Legal Funding was founded in 2011. Their management team boasts of 60 years of combined industry experience. They offer pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, medical funding and attorney funding services. They pride themselves on understanding and addressing client needs in a compassionate and timely manner. They can provide funding in most states.

In 2021, Client Legal Funding was acquired by US Claims. Though Client Legal Funding does not disclose their interest rate online, US Claims typically charges rates at or below 17.5% every 6 months.

Client Legal Funding Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

  • Advance Range: No funding range listed. Most legal funding companies offer 10-15% of your conservatively estimated gross settlement amount.
  • Approval Time: Cash in as little as 24 hours
  • Broker or Funder: Funds directly
  • Case Type Focus: Personal injury, car accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, premises liability, civil rights, FELA, Jones Act, wrongful death, employment, assault and battery, nursing home negligence, product liability, defective medical devices, defective pharmaceutical drugs, law firm financing
  • Workers’ Comp Funding? No
  • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

Client Legal Funding Reviews

“Most Relevant” Google Reviews

5 star review of Client Legal Funding by Ethling R Moran Vasquez
on 10/26/2021
Great and fast customer service!
Thank you to all the staff of Client Legal Funding for the excellent service and attention to the clients.
Thank you Darilis! Thank you Aida!
5 star review of Client Legal Funding by Austin Cole
on 10/21/2021
They are the best. I don’t know what I would do without them. Client legal funding has sent me $7000 now and without that funds I would have been kicked out of my hone evicted to the steets aswell as my cell phone turned off and my insurance lapsed. I wouldn’t have been able to pay off my Liscense and be able to comfortably survive while recovering from my back surgery. Thank you Cindy
5 star review of Client Legal Funding by Austin Cole
on 10/21/2021
Hands down I will always be greatful for your help while waiting on my settlement I’ve received two payments now which one was for 2 thousand and one for five thousand should be deposited today in my account thank you so much. You can have up to $3,000 sent through money gram. Anything over has to be sent in ach or a check can be over nighted to you. I personally trust client legal funding and ensure this company hands down


5 star review of Client Legal Funding by Austin Collins
on 10/21/2021
I have used client legal funding twice in the last two months the first time I received 2,000 dollars thro money gram and it was really convenient but the second time I messed up the routings number so it’s taking a really long time to get my ach transfer but that’s between my fault and maybe the banks fault aswell. Don’t want to blame it on client legal funding Bc they have done everything in thier power to expedite my payments.everyone who works at this office is so friendly kind and professional aswell not only do you feel Like and important client aswell a family member. I would like to take a second to show appreciation for Cindy and Aaron. Good job girls. Thank you so much for your hard work and to everyone I didn’t name I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for the truly important work you are doing to bring your clients as much funding as quickly as possible. That’s just wonderful. If you don’t want to take my word for it call them today and talk with them about getting an advanced on your settlement or lawsuit. If you don’t win you don’t owe they do all the work and take all the risk. I’m austin Collins and I personally recommend client legal funding to anyone who has a lawsuit and needs funds will thank me later
5 star review of Client Legal Funding by Morgan Lynch
on 7/16/2021
I was in a car accident recently and it has kept me from working. As a single father, the bills were rolling in. I heard about Client Legal Funding and gave them a call. My case manager, Darilis Gonzalez was fantastic. She was super friendly, professional, and empathetic to my case. She made it her mission to get me a loan and she did just that. 5 stars for Darilis. Thank you and I will be recommending people to her in the future.

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Click below to see state laws and which other companies provide funding in your state. Don’t see your state? Click here to see which companies provide lawsuit funding in your state.

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How long does pre-settlement funding take with Client Legal Funding?

You can get cash in as little as 24 hours.

How much does Client Legal Funding charge?

Client Legal Funding does not post their rate online, however Client Legal Funding is now affiliated with US Claims. US Claims is known for low, simple rates below 17.5% semi-annually.

How is Client Legal Funding rated?

Client Legal Funding has a 3.9 out of 5.0 rating on Google.


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