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Updated on 12/17/2021

Cherokee Funding was founded in 2011 at the behest of doctors and plaintiff attorneys. Since then they claim to have gained over 100 years of combined industry experience. They strive to be on the plaintiff’s side. They indicate that they fund almost all types of cases so long as there is solid liability, damages, and a defendant with the ability to pay an eventual settlement or award. Cherokee Funding is a licensed lender in South Carolina.

Cherokee Funding also provides law firm funding including working capital lines and settled and pre-settlement attorney funding. They also provide financing for medical practice claims. Cherokee also offers letter of protection tracking and servicing to law firms through Gain Servicing.

Cherokee Funding Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

  • Advance Range: Cherokee Funding indicates that they can offer 10% to 15% of a plaintiffs estimated settlement amount
  • Approval Time: Within 24 hours of receipt of a complete application. As soon as same-day for advances up to $2,500 on motor vehicle accident claims with complete applications received before 2:00PM ET.
  • Broker or Funder: Funds directly
  • Case Type Focus: Personal injury, car accidents. premises liability, FELA, Jones Act, mass torts, product liability, damaging pharmaceutical drugs, wrongful death
  • Workers’ Comp Funding? Yes
  • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

Cherokee Funding Reviews

“Most Relevant” Google Reviews

1 star review of Cherokee Funding by Rose Swanson
on 11/26/2021
I was told that I was denied and when I asked for copies of what they sent the underwriter and my attorney I was told it was against their policy to give me copies and the young lady also told me that she would get the underwriter to notify me well it never happened don’t use them at all because it’s your right to get anything you ask for so how is this against their policy it’s against the law for what they done to me I have every right to have anything about my loan that I request and y’all please check the Interest rate before signing any contract with them and read it carefully I do believe they charge around 30% Interest rate that’s alot
5 star review of Cherokee Funding by James Mullican
on 9/18/2021
These are the best people to deal with!
4 star review of Cherokee Funding by Carlo Allen
on 6/4/2021
Cherokee funding is a wonderful place it will help you with your needs
2 star review of Cherokee Funding by Tremayne Ellison
on 9/7/2021
Don’t understand why I couldn’t get funding because I have a open and close case that is going to mediation a couple of weeks.. They didn’t follow up with or at least call me I had to call them
5 star review of Cherokee Funding by Stephanie Ansley
on 10/19/2021
They did what other’s wouldn’t do and took a chance with me!! Thanks very much!!

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Applying With Cherokee Funding

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How long does it take to get funding from Cherokee?

Cherokee claims to provide funds within 24 hours of receipt of a complete application.

How much does Cherokee charge?

Cherokee does not list specific pricing on their website, but they do indicate their rates and fees are among the lowest in the industry. Many funding companies charge between two and four percent monthly compounding. Actual charges from Cherokee may differ.

How is Cherokee rated?

Cherokee Funding has a 3.5 out of 5.0 rating on Google.