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Updated on 12/17/2021

Capital Now Funding is based in Kentucky and founded in 2015. Unlike nearly every other lawsuit lending company, as of June 14th 2021, Capital Now Funding claims to be able to provide funding to residents Arkansas, Kentucky and Maryland. These are three notoriously difficult states for plaintiffs to find funding in due to state regulation (see our states pages for more information). Capital Now Funding claims to provide lawsuit loans with zero interest and instead charges a fixed fee. If this is the case, this might be beneficial to clients involved in lengthy legal claims. However, it may not be preferable for plaintiffs with claims that are soon to resolve. The example shown on their website indicates a fixed fee of 45%. They do indicate however that the fee may vary from state to state. Capital Now Funding is a licensed lender in the state of South Carolina.

Capital Now Funding Pre-Settlement Funding Facts

  • Advance Range: $250 and up
  • Approval Time: Funding in as little as 24 hours
  • Broker or Funder: Funds directly
  • Case Type Focus: Personal injury, car accidents
  • Workers’ Comp Funding? No
  • Funding Type: Non-recourse (no-win / no-pay)

Capital Now Funding Reviews

“Most Relevant” Google Reviews

5 star review of Capital Now Funding by Mark Gatling
on 12/1/2021
Everyone that’s assisted me has been excellent. They are always communicating they the whole process. At first I was Leary of doing a settlement advance, because of all the bad reviews on the high interest on repayment, but not here. Great job and thank you for assisting me. Keep up the great work. 👍🏾
2 star review of Capital Now Funding by Christopher Light
on 12/3/2021
I have to say, my experience with Capital Now Funding was not like many of the previous reviews. Being a savvy shopper, I decided to get funding quotes from 4 companies, including Capital Now. Hannah was very friendly and professional, and I liked that they had a fixed rate for their funding and that is why I am giving more than one star. Unfortunately, their “underwriters could not approve [my] application for funding,” which is really baffling as all 3 of the other companies approved me with no problem. When it came to needing “Capital Now,” they sure demonstrated to me that they were “Capital [NOT] Now.”
5 star review of Capital Now Funding by TheLipstick Snob
on 9/28/2021
I really enjoyed working with Capital Now! The process was easy, seamless and I have to give Sarah much appreciation because she maintained communication, She was transparent in regards to the process and she met every expectation that she set. Great Job! I’m grateful that I was referred to Capital Now and I will definitely send others your way should they need your services!
5 star review of Capital Now Funding by Vince Vaughns
on 12/13/2021
Amazing and in the wake of a tragic tornado in your State. I’m impressed and may GOD be there for your State in this time of grievance. My prayers are with you all. Thank you for your help in these times.
5 star review of Capital Now Funding by Jennifer Piercy
on 11/1/2021
They were very fast and helpful! Wish I could have gotten more because my settlement should be a lot but something is better then nothing. Thank y’all a lot!

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Click below to see state laws and which other companies provide funding in your state. Don’t see your state? Click here to see which companies provide lawsuit funding in your state.

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How long does it take to get a lawsuit loan from Capital Now Funding?

Capital now funding claims to provide lawsuit funding in as little as 24 hours

How much does Capital Now Funding charge for a lawsuit loan?

Capital Now Funding claims to follow a fixed-fee model as opposed to an accrued interest model for legal funding. The example on their website shows a fixed fee of 45%, but they do state that this fee may vary. Always compare rates and terms between several lawsuit settlement loan companies to get the best deal possible.

How is Capital Now Funding rated?

Capital Now Funding has a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating on Google.